Engaging Leadership 360

An online 360° feedback tool for use with executives and senior managers

Cost £120.00 + vat

The Engaging Leadership 360 questionnaire measures leadership competencies and behaviours shown by extensive research to be associated with leadership success. These leadership attributes are grouped into four clusters:

  • Leading and Developing Individuals
  • Leading and Developing the Organisation or Team
  • Leading the Business
  • Personal Qualities and Values

The Engaging Leadership 360 questionnaire comprises 80 statements which describe a number of aspects of engaging leadership competences and behaviours. Contributors are asked to complete the questionnaire by indicating the extent that they agree or disagree with each statement as it applies to the participant using a six point scale ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree. Participants also complete the questionnaire to create a Self view.

The questionnaire will take you approximately 20 to 25 minutes to complete.


  • Enables feedback to be provided by bosses, peers, direct reports and others.
  • Confidential and non-attributable feedback, except where the participant has only one boss.
  • Allows contributors to provide written comments regarding the participant’s leadership strengths, and potential areas for development.
  • Simple, online administration enabling Associates to set-up and launch the 360 programme for their client, monitor progress, send completion reminders and download the 360° feedback report.
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-understand, 360° feedback report, including a list of questions to facilitate personal reflection about the 360° feedback results and a Personal Action Plan template designed to help turn insights into committed actions.

Typical Applications

The Engaging Leadership 360 has been specifically developed for use with executives and senior managers to raise self-awareness about their leadership style and its impact on those they work with. The 360° feedback results provide valuable insights the participant can use as inputs to their personal development plan. Typically, these results are shared and discussed with the participant in a one-on-one feedback meeting that often marks the start of an on-going coaching dialogue. The Engaging Leadership 360 can also be used with executive or senior management teams to highlight common themes so that leadership strengths can be leveraged, fully, across the team moving forward, and any opportunities to enhance leadership skills identified.

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