Job Satisfiers

Online questionnaire with downloadable (PDF format) report

Cost £10.00 + vat


Job Satisfiers is a self-assessment exercise designed to help an individual identify and prioritise their most important needs and requirements from their next job or career move.

The exercise, which should take no more than 15 to 20 minutes to complete, comprises two stages.

The first stage requires the individual to identify and write down up to 12 important requirements, or highly-desired/sought-after features, for example:

  • Managing a team
  • Working with like-minded people
  • A degree of autonomy and independence
  • A forward-looking organisation
  • No daily routines or repetitive tasks
  • A salary of not less than £50k per annum
  • A boss who understands and respects people

In the second stage, the individual is asked to compare, in turn, each job element against the others, and to select which one is the more important for them. When the assessment is completed, the individual’s personal job requirements will be listed in order of their importance or priority to them.

Typical Applications

Job Satisfiers is a practical, easy-to-use tool that can be used early on in the career counselling process to help an individual think about and reflect on what is important for them in planning their next career move.

The individual’s prioritised list of must-haves, or important to have needs, will also facilitate discussion and enable the career counsellor, or personal development partner, to ask open-ended questions and challenge assumptions about the individual’s thinking and motivations.

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