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At some point at work, people will encounter disagreement and conflict. The Conflict Management Inventory© is designed to determine an individual’s behaviour in conflict situations. The results will provide respondents with an accurate assessment and understanding of their own natural conflict management style. The Conflict Management Inventory© identifies which of four conflict handling styles an individual tends to use, and helps them to understand, better, the value of that style and of other contrasting styles. With this knowledge individuals are better equipped to analyse a conflict situation and determine how to handle it positively and productively.

The Conflict Management Inventory© defines the four conflict management styles as:

  • Competing – pursuing your own needs at the expense of the other person's. The goal is 'to win'.
  • Complying – the opposite of competing; neglecting your own concerns to satisfy someone else's. The goal is 'to yield'.
  • Avoiding – the conflict is not addressed and therefore neither set of concerns is immediately pursued. The goal is 'to delay'.
  • Negotiating – working with the other person to find a solution that satisfies both sets of concerns. Attention is given to finding out exactly what the needs of both parties are. The goal is 'to find a win-win solution'.

The Conflict Management Inventory© is an easy-to-administer online self-assessment tool containing 10 typical conflict situations. For each situation, the respondent is presented with four possible responses to the conflict, and is asked to indicate which ones most closely describe how they would respond to the situation. The assessment takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

Typical Applications

The Conflict Management Inventory© is a practical, easy-to-use tool that can be used in the coaching process to provide insight and raise self-awareness, and facilitate reflection and open discussion with the client about personal dynamics. The results provide a starting point for an individual to enhance their skills and improve their effectiveness in dealing with different situations at work where conflict may arise.

The Conflict Management Inventory© can also be used, very effectively, with groups to help facilitate understanding about how they group deals with conflict and group dynamics.

Resource Materials

Well-researched resource materials on conflict management styles and strategies are also available to compliment the Conflict Management Inventory© and support the coaching process. You can access and download these by clicking on the Resources button on your Management Area page.

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